A brand new or thoroughly repaired roof for your home, using reliable, long-lasting products.

In Florida climate, the roof is the most vulnerable part of your home. You have to deal with the leaks from time to time, and most likely you won’t have the know-how and tools to fix your roof effectively. To keep your home and family safe, you want to inspect the roof regularly and renovate it before any serious damage occurs.
This is what Jon Myers Roofing & Construction does for Florida homeowners. You can stop wondering whether your roof will last long, where that leak is coming from, and how you even get up there to find it. Leave it to professionals.   

Building a new home or planning a complete makeover of your old one? Order a brand new roof for your house with a variety of options:

· Shingle Roofing

· Flat Roofing

· Tile Roofing

· Metal Roofing


· Re-Roofing
Even the best roofing materials become worn out eventually and need replacement. We will advise on the best roofing option for your home and re-roof it at an affordable cost.

· Repairs
Minor leaks or major damage – roofing problems need to be fixed quickly and efficiently. We’ll make sure the problem is eliminated within the shortest time and for good.

· Inspections
If you want to check your roof and make sure it is ready for any weather challenges, order our inspection service. We will identify existing and potential problems and help you prevent any kind of wreck.